Alberta Indigenous Virtual Care Clinic

Vision and Mission Statement:

We envision a world in which all First Nation, Inuit, and Métis people have achieved full and equitable access to the conditions of health including: ancestral pride, cultural and language reclamation, peace, shelter, education, food, income, a stable environment, land and resources, social justice; and health services, where the gifts and wisdom of First Nation, Inuit, and Métis cultures are recognised as valuable, distinctive, and beautiful. (Ongomiizwin – Health Services 2017)

To do our part in achieving this vision, we aim to provide accessible, culturally safe and medically appropriate care to any self-identifying Indigenous persons and their families in Alberta through the Alberta Indigenous Virtual Care Clinic.


  1. Provide timely and appropriate access to health care services.
  2. Ensure quality of care and continuous improvement. 
  3. Build strong relationships with the goal of achieving improved health outcomes.
  4. Support and promote development of new knowledge as determined and directed by the community. 
  5. Teach new learners and foster continuing professional education.

 Core Values:

  1. Safety – We commit to providing culturally and clinically safe care & wellness of clients and communities
  2. Listening – We commit to listening openly and without judgement to our clients/families/communities and all members of the health care team.
  3. Compassion – We commit to compassionate and caring service delivery and providing a welcoming environment to our clients.
  4. Respect – We commit to reducing barriers (physical, language, cultural, etc.) that may limit the use of our services.
  5. Humility – We commit to supporting and responding to our client needs in a non-judgemental manner, respecting the inherent right of the individual to self-determination and seeking to understand that good health may look different to different clients.
  6. Transparency – We commit to being transparent and accountable to our clients, staff, partners, and funders.
  7. Accountability – We commit to preserving ethical behaviour, providing safe and competent care and upholding quality assurance requirements to maintain facility, professional, and practice standards.
  8. Learning and innovation – We commit to innovation, creativity, and being open to explore approaches and evidenced best practices.
  9. Linkages – We commit to working with the client’s current care team and fostering connection with a primary physician available in their geographic area if possible
  10. Evaluation – We look forward to the opportunity to evaluate our services to inform chances for improvement and reinforce our successes.